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Exterior door handles, key holder and opening knob

Exterior door handles, key holder and opening knob

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Complete the front door of a single-family house or terraced apartment to make it look authentic with handles and lock mechanism knobs (no real mechanism). Surface installation, no drilling required, glue is enough. Delivered as loose parts, in which the ring around the handle is also detached. In the set there are two handles with a light chain, a key holder and an opening knob. These are available in three different colors; antique gold, antique silver and antique bronze, i.e. the color shades are not brightly shiny. In the pictures, in addition to my own fingers, there is the hand of a phicen (barbie-sized, more realistically human-like doll) on the door handle.

These are specially designed for 1to6ware and 3D-printed in Finland.

Size: handle length 2.0 cm and height 1.1 cm, ring outer diameter 0.9 cm, key socket height 0.4 cm and base diameter 0.9 cm, opening knob height 0.7 cm and base diameter 0.9 cm.


Please note that only lock mechanism knobs without handles are also available for block of flats buildings.

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