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Dining set for two (larger)

Dining set for two (larger)

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Dining set for two barbie-sized dolls. There is a dinner plate, bread plate, drinking glass and spoon, knife and fork for both. The plates are made of resin and the cutlery is made of metal in China, and the glasses are made of jewelry resin at 1to6ware in Finland, which has also assembled the set. If you want to prepare food yourself of fimo, these plates can withstand oven, they have been tested.

Size: dinner plate diameter 3.8 cm, bread plate diameter 3.0 cm, drinking glass height 1.9 cm and meal length 2.2 cm.

Note: a similar set is available in 1:12 scale, but only with one sized plates. In it, both the cutlery and the glasses are smaller than in this set.

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