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Litter box, shovel and sand

Litter box, shovel and sand

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A very authentic cat litter box with a scoop and scatter shield and a suitable dose of real cat litter. The lower part of the sandbox is gray and the upper is white. Specially designed for 1to6ware. 3D-printed in Finland and assembled by hand.

In the full set the cat litter box contains just the right amount of finely divided clumping real cat litter, a couple of lumps made with water and a few droppings made of modelling clay, so that even the scoop has work to do. This set will make the dollhouse cat - and the cat owner (not to mention the dollhouse owner) happy. Materials PLA plastic,  genuine cat litter and air-drying modelling clay.

Size: sandbox: length 6.9 cm, width 5.0 cm and height 1.9 cm.

The length of the cat litter shovel is 3.3 cm and the maximum width is 1.1 cm.

Also note the beginning of the production line, i.e. the cat food bowls.

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