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Food and water bowl for a cat

Food and water bowl for a cat

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This is a food and water bowl for the dollhouse cat. These are specially designed for 1to6ware, 3D-printed and hand assembled in Finland.

Feel free to choose which version of this double bowl you like to have. There is a completely empty bowl, a fairly empty bowl (no water at all and only the last crumbs of food) and a full cup. Or take all three, so you can photograph the cat emptying its cup. Materials PLA plastic and resin and modelling clay.

The color of the cups may change depending on the production batch, but we always deliver cups of the same shade in the same order, so that photographing the passage of time is the most successful.

Size: food cup length 3.0 cm, width 2.0 cm and diameter 1.3 cm.

Please also note that with us you will find equipment for maintaining food that has passed through.

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