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Honey and strawberry jam jars

Honey and strawberry jam jars

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Here are two octagonal jars, the contents of which are honey and strawberry jam. The jars won't open. They are suitable for both Lundby-sized and Barbie-sized dollhouses, because these treats are also available for humans in jars of many sizes.

The label of the honey-yellow jar says in Finnish: "Domestic flower honey 450 g" and the label of the red one says "Domestic strawberry jam 450 g". Also included are the producer's information (Lissun Hunaja, Joutsa or Lissun Marjat, Leivonmäki) and barcode.

Sticker paper labels made and installed @ 1to6ware, Finland, jars made in China of resin.

Size: height 1.3 cm and maximum diameter 1.1 cm.

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